Endymion MailMan User Guide

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Please note that this Internet Frontier/Endymion web-based email program has a current limit of 2 attached files per outbound message; these attachments are not currently limited in size, but appreciate that some recipients may be subject to size limitations imposed by their provider.

If you receive email with attachments that you wish to save, you may note that the name that 'mailman' attempts to give the attachment is not always correct (it may attempt to name the attachment 'mailmanpro.htm'). You can easily give it the correct name in the "Save as" window by simply erasing the incorrect name and typing in the correct name. Be sure to keep the correct file type extension (e.g., .doc, .txt, etc.).

When you log in, you may see an 'Over quota' message. This refers to storage space which Endymion needs on our web server as a holding area for your email; it does not refer to your actual emailbox on our email server, which does not have a size limitation. The quota information is refreshed at each LOGOUT/LOGIN.

Occasionally you may get a "Connection refused" message when you attempt to log in. This can occur if system maintenance or 'housekeeping' routines are active on the server. If your try again a minute or two later, you should get a successful login.

Also note that the default setting of this program leaves the original message on our regular email server. For most users, this is the most useful setting because the messages remain accessible via your regular email program. If you want the messages automatically removed from our email server, you can change the setting by first logging in, then clicking on the OPTIONS button; in the window that opens, place a check mark next to REMOVE FROM SERVER (then be sure to click SAVE at the bottom of the window). You can use the MARK and DELETE functions to remove any other messages you no longer need to keep, thus avoiding any charges for excessive email storage.

Your Username and Password are case sensitive (upper case and lower case letters are different). Letters in your Username are always lower case; in your Password, be sure to use upper case or lower case as appropriate. And check your keyboard to be sure that "CAPS LOCK" is not on.

Remember that email addresses are always of the form 'name@provider.nnn', e.g., 'myfriend@ifn.net'. The name and provider are always separated by the '@' character, and a correct email address never contains any blanks.

If you use different browsers, you may note minor cosmetic differences in the appearance of the Endymion email window. These cosmetic differences do not affect the operation of the program.

Be sure to LOGOUT when you are finished processing email. This is especially important if you use 'mailman' from a public or open Internet station.


MailMan Script Copyright © 1997 - 1999 Endymion Corporation
Interface Copyright © 1997 - 1999 Endymion Corporation and Hypnopaedia Studios.
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