AboveNet is an internetworking business located in San Jose, California. They believe they know better than their customers what is good for their customers.

This is a letter sent to AboveNet on August 4th, 1999. To date, they have not responded in any way except to continue their malicious filtering of Internet traffic, usually without telling their customers that they are doing so.

In the letter, we refrained from mentioning that a particular employee of AboveNet is also a principle figure at RBL, and its alter ego, 'mail-abuse.org'. Thus, he 'volunteers' time to an organization (RBL) that makes decisions harmful to competitors of AboveNet. It's hard to see how AboveNet justifies that.

Apparently AboveNet, like RBL itself, is not concerned about the harm that they do. As with RBL, if your traffic is blocked, you are simply a 'casualty of the war'.

Draw your own conclusions about AboveNet.

AboveNet is now a division of Metromedia Fiber Network (MFN). The Chairman of MFN is Stephen A. Garafalo, and the President is Howard Finkelstein. MFN can be reached at One North Lexington Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601. MFN can be reached by phone at 914-421-6700 (FAX 914-421-6777).